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::25.12.04:: Bah Humbug

I am owed two weeks pay from work I did at the beginning of December. I rang my agency yesterday and they said they were trying to sort it out but the money still isn't in my account. With public holidays and stuff, I won't get the money until late next week if then.

This is so frustrating. I went for a meeting with them on Wednesday and they were asking if I'd done my Christmas shopping - I don't think that is very tactful coming from people who aren't paying your wages. I can understand why, because of all the unpleasantness with my dodgy boss but I also did some work with another company last week. You think they could have fast tracked that through so I had some income to live on for the next week.

I just hope one of the rellos has fronted up with some cash in Chrissy card this year. Maybe even a winning scratchie.



In your situation, I would have found it impossible not to retort that no, I haven't done any Christmas shopping - nor have I done any grocery shopping, nor rent paying...because I have been paid yet.

Here's hoping your rellies give you cash for Christmas



Hope your Chrissie was Merry anyway, K-Oh... and that it's all rainbows and puppies soon




I got one word....*BASTARDS*


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