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Christmas Wishlist:

Dear Santa,

Yeah, it's just the usual shit. Same old, same old. Maybe that's telling you that you are FAILING in your job. I need to move on so speed it up, big boy.

1. A margarita. In fact, why wait until Christmas. I need one NOW!

2. A new camera. My poor little lomo is DEAD. I don't know whether to replace it with another Lomo or get a bit more technical. I would like a fairly basic SLR camera and might start scouring the camera shops for a decent secondhand one.

3. A beach house to live in all year round, not just for a long weekend (ala 4 days at Apollo Bay, weekend after next). Of course, I will be working on the sequel to my international bestseller while I live there.

4. A magazine lifestyle - not a lifestyle magazine, but a magazine lifestyle - I want to live like some of those people you see in magazines like Inside Out, with their fabulous and clever houses and their going shopping at a local market (which always looks so charming, unlike Vic Market) with a quaint shopping basket and their amazing friends dropping in for a casual yet chic Sunday brunch. Where do you get that life?

5. The will to live. Ok, maybe I am being melodramatic (nothing wrong with that). I really mean the energy to live well. I want to spring out of bed in the morning and launch myself into exciting projects.

6. An interesting, well paid job would put a smile on my face.

7. A way to stop my dog from shedding. Goddamn, people can say what they like about polished floorboards (personally I like to say they are just a touch passe) but, shitola, they show every single, solidary hair that falls off my dog. And my dog loses a SHITLOAD of hair. I would estimate, 1000 hairs a day. If the men in white coats come to drag me away, you can bet I will be mumbling something about dog hair.

8. A man. As a friend of mine used to say - they only mean the two "P"s -- a penis and a pulse - and only one of them has to be strong.

9. I am trying to stop myself from saying this, but I am too weak. I want another peasant top. I know that there are about 10 in wardrobe and I swore I would stop, but then I walk past a shop and there is one that has embrodery and I think "hmm, don't have one with embrodery" or one in spunk blue and white cheesecloth. I WANT IT! I WANT IT NOW!

10. The time and money to go on a roadtrip. Up the east coast, from Melbourne to Brisbane would a nice leisurely drive. Of course, an overseas holiday wouldn't be knocked back either.

Thanks doll,


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