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The after Christmas sales are the work of satan's henchmen. I usually am only too glad to remain safely at home, away from the manic crowds, after all the Christmas hassles but this year I decided a eensy-weensy visit to Ikea would be ok. Big mistake.

Things started going bad when I decided to pay a quick visit to Freedom first. They had curtains too lovely to resist. They had some mighty nice coffee tables very cheap too. Maybe I should...NO!

I have a habit of always getting to Ikea as the cafe is closing but today I managed to eat there. We were so hungry we ran through the store, with only our destination in mind, ignoring all number of bargains and got to the cafe while it was open.

Unfortunately, the early bird does get the worm -- or the cheap hotdogs -- because they were all out and I couldn't get the $2 hot dog and coke special. They were also out of the Swedish Meatballs, damn it. But the remaining, non-sweet food (which was quiche or quiche) was lovely and only $5.50 with side salad. Plus they have $1 bottomless soft drinks - how good is that? We sat out in their little courtyard in the sun.

After eating we went to the end and started doing the store all over again because you can't go backwards through Ikea. It just isn't done. Especially in the post-Christmas rush.

Then we decided to check out the new homemaker centre next door. Does temptation never end?

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