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I think I have done stuff in the past week, although I am so braindead at the moment. I guess the highlights and lowlights have been:

* Friday night was spent over a few leisurely long necks one of my favourite places, the City Cafe in St Kilda.

* Refugee Benefit at the Commercial Hotel on Saturday. Ok, we might have got a bit drunk and rowdy but it was a fun night. First up was Danni's Sister - a Kylie cover band who were rather funny. Other performers included Rebecca Barnard and Deborah Conway. We went through many jugs of beer and an icky cocktail that tasted like cough syrup -- just remember, there is a big difference between blue curacao and blue galliano.

* Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday night. Man, was I sick. I am convinced it was the blue cough syrup drink that did the damage. After lollygagging around in my jamies and only waking up to complain about how sick I was, I finally decided (around 8pm) to get up and do something. So we headed to the good old Coburg drive in to see Harry Potter. Just to divert myself for a minute, is it just me or has anyone else noticed the sultry, come-hither look on young HP's face in the ads for this movie? It is sick I tell you. It wasn't a bad movie but they stung us for admission. Maybe because we were too hungover to pull a dodgy and hide someone in the back.

* Monday was for discussing exciting new project which, I am sure, will be elaborated on in further posts.

* Tuesday is today; packing for a long, long weekend at Apollo and getting food together.

In between all this was starting the rewrites of the nano novel.

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