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We had the quietest Christmas ever. I gave mostly everyone their presents before Christmas which was a mistake because it made Christmas day a bit of a yawn. I had friends over for drinks on Christmas eve - we drank nice champagne, assembled rice paper rolls and drank more champagne. So Christmas morning was spent cleaning up. The afternoon was watching Fellowship of the Rings on dvd and reading the lovely books I got as presents - the new Nigella cookbook and the complete Narnia chronicles.

This morning we headed to the cinema to see Two Towers. We wanted to get there for the first session at 9.15 so we got up early and heaed to the cinema. We waited and we waited. They finally opened the cinema. It seems half the staff didn't turn up to work this morning. The movie was good, far too long I thought, but good. It is weird eating choc tops and popcorn at 10.00 in the morning though.

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