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...brown paper packages tied up with string...

The song wasn't lying. They do pretty much rock. A few months ago my lomo kicked it. I took it to get repaired but it was beyond repairing. As the girl at the camera shop said, sand is the enemy of cameras. I couldn't afford, or justify, forking out another $300 to replace it as much as I loved it.

The cheaper option was to head to ebay. I love ebay. So, I ended up buying a lomo for half the price of a new one. I sent off my money straightaway. Then I waited for my camera. I waited and I waited. I know it was Christmas and the mail is slower than a geriatric on valium but still. Since I moved into my house, around 6 months ago, I have had three things that I know of stolen from my mail. God knows how many things that I don't know about. I have serious issues with my mail deliveries and am putting in formal complaints all over the place.

So anyway Monday night I had convinced myself that the camera was long gone in some smack addict's backpack. I was cursing myself for not getting it sent to work -- didn't think of that one until too late. I was coming to accept the worst.

Yesterday morning I was sluggishly getting ready for work when someone knocked at the front door. I went running to answer it, half dressed with the dog under my arm like an eighties clutch purse so she didn't bolt out the open door, and it was the postman. When I say postman I don't mean man in a gender-specific, adult male way. I mean some androgonous, prepubescent postette. You can talk about your child labour in third world countries, but I think someone should be investigating Australia Post. Seriously.

I was so excited. It was my lomo. I had to sign for it, hence the parcel being delivered to the door rather than being left on the front porch with a neon sign saying "Free Loot for Junkies" with an arrow pointing to my mail. I threw the dog on top of Andrew and closed his bedroom door so my signing hand was free (ah, the dog loves it). The postette handed me this thing that was like an etch-a-sketch mixed with a game boy. I am sure there is a technical name for these things that anyone working in the IT industry should know but I don't want to annoy you with techie shit you wouldn't understand *cough, cough*.

Anyway, to get to my point, the lomo was in, quite literally, a brown paper package tied up with string. It looked so adorable I wanted to take a photo but, of course, I couldn't because my camera was inside. I will scan the packaging in an post it when I update my paper journal (which a certain grumpy girl reminded me of).

I want to take photos now. Lots of photos.

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