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I always have music around me - the RRR breakfasters to wake up to, radio or tapes in the car, CDs on the headphones at work, mp3s on the computer. Over the past two years it has been like this whirring in the background with nothing really striking me. I have bought a CD or two, mainly because I have been killing time in a record shop and something has caught my eye, but nothing has really excited me. Nothing has made my pulse quicken and skin chill like good music should.

It seems though that whirring noise was like a big chocolate wheel in my mind which suddenly went click, click, cliiiiick and stopped. I was in the car, stuck in traffic, and "Truth doesn't make a noise" by the White Stripes came on and I really listened to it for a change. I was besotted, totally besotted.

I have this thing were, when I decide I like a band, I guess you can sum it up in one word - obsession. I have to hear everything, read everything, own everything, absorb everything by some kind of musical osmosis. I have been buying CDs, downloading videos, making mix tapes and driving around singing at the top of my lungs. We had a road trip to Phillip Island yesterday just as an excuse to sing and drive. I feel like doing crazy things.

I think in roughly a week's time I'll be over this and I will return to normal programming.

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