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I want a cigarette. I really want a cigarette. I don't think you understand just how much I need one. I swear to god if there was a decent butt in the ashtray I would be smoking that right now. If anyone I knew was home and I thought I could get a cigarette off them I would be there right now.

I really need a cigarette.

I am sick of eating pistaccio nuts and other shit and brushing my teeth and using natural remedies to cure withdrawals.

I want a cigarette.

I could go to the shop and buy just a little packet but I won't. I know that despite everything -- telling myself that I'll just have one and then give the rest away -- as soon as I buy a packet all is lost. But one teeny tiny cigarette surely can't hurt. If I don't buy a whole packet. If I don't inhale. Damn. This is getting bad.

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