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It's been two days and three hours since I quit smoking -- I think this is rapidly becoming my quit smoking blog more than anything else because I really don't have anything else on my mind. I have had a couple of drags but not a real cig.

It is the dangerous three day today. The percentages go up dramatically after the third day then again after two weeks. My plan of action for today is simple. Get through til 5.00, get through the stressful drive home, then get that nice bottle of Temazepan I found in the bathroom cupboard this morning and pop a pill to get me snoozing for the rest of the day. Yeah sure, I might be swapping my ciggies for a darker, Valley of the Dolls-esque tranquilizer addiction, but it's a risk I'm prepared to take at the moment.

The worst thing about being a non-smoker is that you are no longer a bad-ass. I hate that. I have decided there is only one thing that is more bad-ass than smoking. A gun, folks, a gun. A gun is the single most bad-ass thing in the world. A gun and a cowboy hat -- an unbeatable bad-ass combination. I might wait for the withdrawal crankies to stop though cos I would have taken out half the peak hour traffic this morning, but not without just cause.

And my god, I don't know whether it's the quit smoking thing or because I have been sucking on artificially sweetened things for two days but I have been farting like a bastard today. Not just a regular bastard either but a bastard who swallowed a typhoon.

One last thing, check out town bike - how funny is that site?

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