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Man o man, I went out Friday night. It was supposed to be our big 'girls night out' but half the girlie-girls piked on us. Maybe it was bad planning on our part, being Valentines Day and all. By midnight I had the noddies. This is like the third time that has happened to me. It is very awful. It isn't like just being tired but being so tired, so falling asleep that I can't move. My brain is saying get up and move but before the thought is wholly formed I am asleep again. I wanted to get up and go home but just couldn't then the security chick came over and said, in the nicest possible way, to wake up or leave. So I was trying to sleep without looking like I was asleep and drinking heaps of water. Didn't work. Finally made it home. I am so much not a party animal any more. I think I am turning into a Nanna.

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