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The other day, the day that was all wet and yucky, I was driving down Toorak Road. The traffic was a nightmare, bumper to bumper, and hardly moving. I was sitting in my car, listening to my tape and a bit oblivious to the outside world. Next minute I hear a chunk-chunk-chunk noise and look up to see a tram wipe out my driver's side mirror. Luckily it sprang back into place but I was really worried that it had got my actual car. I couldn't pull over to check so I kept driving, trying to keep out of the way of the demented tram driver.

I don't get it. There was a car in front of the tram and nowhere for the tram to go. The tram driver didn't ding their dingy bell or anything. Just bam, into the side of my car.

When I got a chance to get out and check the damage there were two damaged panels on the side of my little baby car. They were just kind of rippled. And covered with green and yellow tram paint. I nearly cried.

After a few hours on the phone to my insurance company things were under control but I just don't get it. What the hell was the tram doing?

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