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Still haven't had a cigarette. Yah! Go me! I still feel very sick though. My feet and hands and face keep going numb. I don't know if that is normal. I am reaching the point where I can't sleep any more so I have to face up to life and no cigarettes. I have no concentration at all and will probably punch anyone who bugs me even slightly.

Yesterday I left work early because I felt so bad. Flinders Street Station was filled with moronic people -- can you get people more stupid than those people who hang around train stations and stop dead in front of you when you are in a hurry? -- so I missed my train by the merest seconds. I was so angry. Just imagine nicotine-free me on the platform. All I wanted to do was get home to bed, to fully indulge an excess of whimpering and crying. Suddenly every single person on that platform lights up a cigarette. I swear to god, I have never seen so many people smoking in my entire life. If I was still a smoker and wanted to find another smoker, to scum a light say, then nobody on the entire platform would smoke, but yesterday it was smoker central. Little kids were smoking, babies in their prams were smoking, nuns were smoking. Damn them all.

But I didn't want a cigarette, I wanted to get home to bed and they were all making me angry. The next train after mine was the Broadmeadows train. A few trains later it was the Broadmeadows train again. Why do they get more trains than everybody else? Sure, I can see the advantages of getting Broadies out of the city ASAP but it isn't fair.

I finally got home and writhed and whimpered to my heart's content.

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