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Why the hell does time go so much faster of a weekend? Seriously I never get anything done because it takes me all weekend just to get around starting anything then it is Sunday night and too late to do anything.

I started stripping down a desk to paint over Christmas and it is just sitting there, half stripped and untouched since I went back to work. I have about 50 other projects that demand my attention as well. I think I need to make a list and try to cross off maybe one a week or something. Otherwise it just gets overwhelming.

Of course completely bullshit, time wasting things always get done - four hours downloading crappy songs off the internet, no worries; sitting around doing ditzy teenybopper shit while watching Rage all night, sure; watching paint dry, yeah got all day for it; a whole day trying to get my stupid printer to work, ok that gets a big grrrr!

On a not such a complete waste of time note, I bought weights the other day. They are cool little hand weights, from K-Mart. There are 2 0.5 kgs in pink, 2 1kg in purple and 2 big ones in green. I really think the cute colour thing is important, who wants ugly weights? Before I got this nasty bronchitis I was going to the park and walking for 30 - 60 minutes a day. I quit while I've been sick and I really miss it. Who would have thought? I plonk on the cheapo K-Mart walkman and off I go. Now I have weights to take with me, for an uber workout. The goal (with the weights) is to be able to wear sleeveless things next Summer.

I have done some walking in the last week though. Yesterday I was torn between my absolute need for Mashies from KFC (how good are they?) and my need not to eat crap. I decided to walk to KFC therefore getting exercise and Mashies. I thought that was pretty smart of me. I took the dog too so killed three birds with that little stone.

Goddamn. Anyone would think I was getting corporate sponsorship from K-Mart or KFC reading over this. Oh yeah, while I doing my best Big Kev here I have to tell you about the most amazing thing I bought the other day. There is this new lipstick out from Revlon and, since I was waiting for my zillionth antibotic prescription at the chemist, I got sucked in and bought one. I am the biggest sucker for stuff at the chemist. I just can't go in, get my script filled and leave. Be it nail polish, hair clips or whatever, I just need to buy something. Anyhow I got back to work and I was reading the pack. "Colour Lock Technology" -- that had me laughing, one of those stupid cosmetic advertising buzzwords that mean nothing I thought.

Well I put on this lippy. It has a foamy applicator like a lip gloss and I thought, yeah right, this will last about 10 minutes. No, 24 hours later I was still wearing this stuff. I literally had to scrub it off, painfully, in the shower. I couldn't believe it. I was walking up to people at work going look, then rubbing my lips and the lipstick didn't move (yes, they do think I'm insane). It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Who would have thought you could believe the guff on cosmetic packaging?

Ok. I'm going to shut up now.

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