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You know, I think an essential ingredient in giving up smoking is wanting to give up. I don't have that wanting. I love smoking. Giving up smoking is like giving up my best friend, except smoking has never been a two-faced cow that forgets I exist as soon as a bit of man-meat comes around. Smoking has always been there for me. Except when evil circumstances part us.

I think half the problem is that the people who are trying to talk you out of smoking don't use the right shit to make smoking look unattractive. 'Your smoking harms others' -- that is supposed to discourage smoking? I think not. 'Smoking causes diseases and stuff' - ho hum. If you want people to stop smoking then you should say 'Smoking makes you look like Aunty Lill' and then put a photo of Aunty Lil on the pack so you are in no doubt about how undesirable that is. It would work far better I think.



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