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I am still having many a "oh fuck" moment about quitting my job. I have to work out my four weeks notice (have made it to the half way point already) and it is a slow and tedious process. Quitting a job, I have discovered, is much like removing a bandaid. Always go the one tug rip and get it over and done rather than the ouch-ouch-ouch method.

The smart way to do it is let everyone say how much they are going to miss you and that it won't be the same without you. Pack up your stuff (including a supply of paperclips and white out from the stationary cupboard) and walk off into the sunset.

I went out for work drinks on Friday night and got it all except the stationary. I got the drunken hugs and I love you mates so where do we go from here? I have two weeks left and feel like a deathbed coma patient being kept alive with a life support machine. More drunken hugs? Don't think so.

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