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I won the new White Stripes album on Triple R this morning. How exciting. I didn't even realise it was album of the week or anything. I was lying in bed, comptemplating ways of avoiding work as usual, when they announced the competition. I bounced up and ran around the house looking for the phone -- damn cordless phones are never to be found. By the time I found it I thought I didn't have a chance in hell of getting through but I did. Then they asked me the question - who is singing this song? What song? I ran back to the bedroom so I could hear the radio and go the question right - it was Meg White, how easy. Then I gutted my wallet looking for my subscriber card and found it before they came back on the line. I can pick it up on the 28th -- guess I'll be late to work that day.

It was quite an adrennalin rush for that early in the morning. I have won CDs before but nothing I have wanted so badly. I think that I am ending a phase where the universe will provide for my needs.

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