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The tickets for The Datsuns are actually for next Monday night. Luckily I found that out before I fronted up at the Hifi Bar. I ventured out of the house yesterday to pick up the tickets. Thank you Triple R.

Well I am still unemployed. I have been drinking too much and spending too much money. The realisation that another pay cheque isn't going to magically appear doesn't seem to have seeped into my head yet. I don't have my dole interview until next week which is a frigging pain because I could really use that concession card. I have a shitload of prescriptions to get filled and it looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and pay full price. I need to spend a whole day just finding all the documents I need for the dole application. I think there is a black hole in this house that things fall into -- I can't find my passport and that is just the last on a long list of things that have disappeared. I used to blame my cleaner but I had to let him go because of the lack of work situation so it isn't him at all.

I got lots of good advice from my naturopath which I haven't been following, mainly because of the aforementioned drinking. I am going to start now though. Really I am. I need to eat small, healthy meals instead of not eating all day then pigging out on one big, greasy dinner. I never eat during the day when I am not at work. Probably because I don't need the thrill of lunchtime to get me through the day.

What else is happening in my life? Not much. The Gilmore Girls is back on air next week. Woohoo! I love that show too much. I have been turning my attention to cooking and thinking of actually making some of the recipes from my Nigella cookbooks instead of just looking at the pictures and going on about how much better my life would be if I was Nigella Lawson. The house keeps getting messy, I keep cleaning it. It seems no matter how frequently I sweep up the dog hair, it just keeps coming back. I swear my dog is a scientific miracle. If you look at the amount of hair she shreds and the amount of poo she excretes then logically there should be no dog left. She doesn't even eat much. It is weird.

Well that's about it for my exciting life.

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