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Unemployment is so time consuming. How did I ever fit in working? I don't know whether to spend the day curled up in pjs writing or going out and doing shit. I need to go to my real estate because I have to use this stupid rent card to pay my rent and it was in my wallet that I lost on the weekend. Stupid rent card - they charge you $10 to replace it. I also have to buy a new wallet and don't know whether to go to K-Mart and get something cheap or head over to Brunswick Street to look for something lovely. Maybe cheap? I am unemployed.

Staying at home writing is looking good too. I have been neglecting my novel until last night when I decided to ditch the first 50 pages. Suddenly I feel this get surge of energy (not that I have done anything about it). I want to write again. I think those 50 pages where just holding me back although there are a few little tendrils that have crept into my heart. Maybe one or two bits will have to be recycled later on.

Yesterday we went to the College of Natural Medicine in town for massages. It was so blissful. I am going back today for a herbal medicine consultation.

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