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Well the long weekend is over, not that it makes any difference to us employed. On Thursday we went to the Palace, to the previously mentioned benefit bursting with musical talent. We got there early and the queue to get in was huge so we headed over to the Vineyard and got lured in by their cocktail list. Sometimes it's fun to indulge in jewel hued alcoholic fun.

We got back to the Palace in time for Dallas Crane and some more drinks in the front bar, headed to the front for Dan Brodie. We got a great spot, side of stage, although those speakers may have done some permanent damage. After Brodie was the Cruel Sea. I have not been a huge fan but, after seeing them play, want to go buy their latest CD. They were great.

Next up was Michael Franti. What can I say? Every time I see him perform I say it is the best show ever and this was no exception. He seems to have this huge energy on stage. Fantastic, I was jumping around, waving my arms in the air like I just didn't care. The guys from the Cruel Sea came out and joined him on stage for a while, that was fantastic.

After that was Paul Kelly. He did mostly recent stuff, none of his really old stuff, which was disappointing but he had Renee Geyer join him for a few songs and that was a real treat.

We were going to go out afterwards but lacked the stamina.

The rest of the weekend was mainly nap time. I am such a nanna. We got a huge stack of '80s movies out of the video shop. I tried to explain the logic of having a Tragically Bad '80s section in the store but she didn't really get the point. It would be so much easier than trying to figure out if, say, Fame, came under comedy or musical.

I'd forgotten how much I love Edward Scissorhands. That is a great movie. Last night we watched Welcome Home Roxy Carmicheal. Then we downloaded "In Roxy's Eyes" by Melissa Etheridge and planned ways to become immortalised in song so we could return to our home town to a huge ceromony. Has anyone else noticed lately how many old movies with Winona Ryder have references to stealing stuff?

Well got an interview in an hours time so I must shower and suit up. The last thing I want to do at the moment.

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