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I forgot to mention the crappest thing about the whole Dole Seminar thing. You have to nominate what you want to do as your 'mutual obligation' activity when you go in to claim. What this means is that you have to say what you intend doing in six months time when you are still unemployed -- things like work for the dole or retraining or whatever. Just think what a cheery message this is sending to the employmentally-challenged. Yeah, I fully intend still being on the dole in six months time.

I am going to a party tomorrow but can't drink because I am on hard core antibiotics. I hate going to parties and not drinking. It is not fun at all. The plans for today are hitting the factory outlet shops in Bridge Rd to find a party outfit. I also want to pay a few dollars off the bracelet I have on layby. Oh, didn't I mention, in the midst of having no income at all I went to Charlie Weavers in St Kilda and found the most perfect bracelet - amesthyst and marcasite. I put it on and it felt so right. I had to have it so I put it on layby. One more incentive to get working.

Today I am making sure the mobile is charged up and taking it out with me. Don't want to miss out on another job possibility.

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