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I've got my dole interview tomorrow. How scary. I really thought I would be working before I had to apply for the dole but, because I have been sick and everything, I am still not working and desperately need that money. Tomorrow is also rent day.

The last time I applied for the dole I was about 18 years old and just left school. I never thought I would be doing this again. When you are 18 it is fun to be out of work and sitting up drinking all night with your mates and sleeping all day. When you are *cough cough* however being on the dole is not fun.

I think I have all the paper work and forms and id I need. I am living in horror that I will get there tomorrow and not have something which will delay my money for a long time. I have been living on next to nothing for the past month so I don't really have much elasticity left in my finances. It is times like this I wish I had been putting a little aside for a rainy day while I was working instead of splurging out on food and frivolities.

Anyway I have been doing a few bits of things to help me survive. I got paid $60 for my opinions on dog food yesterday plus got to buy a heap of stuff. If all else fails at least the dog won't go hungry. I am not even going to joke about the humans in the house having to resort to dog food.

And, just to whinge some more, the really shitty thing is that I have had this month long gap between working and getting a health care card. That means I have been paying full price for prescriptions and, boy-o-boy, have I had to buy some prescriptions lately. I would estimate that I have spent about $200 at least.

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