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Today was Dole Interview day. I was told to get there at 9.00am for my interview. What they didn't tell me was that everyone else who was applying for the dole also gets there at 9.00 am for the Going On The Dole Seminar (hello folks, this is a dole form type thing). It was the most fascinating hour of my life. Do you know what the young folks do nowadays? They go to the shopping mall to run into friends and talk about the joys of Centrelink. Honestly, they do. Well according to the video we watched today.

After that we all got an interview time to come back and do our claim. Yeah, you know when you are unemployed you have all day to wait around for an interview and you have so much money to go get a coffee or do a spot of shopping while you wait. Luckily I got one of the earlier interviews and only had to wait for 50 minutes. There isn't 50 minutes worth of interesting in Footscray. Well, I lie, you can go to one of those little Asian shops with all the cool Hello Kitty type stationery and stuff but who can resist buying that stuff. Anyway the girl that did my claim was uber-efficient so that was good. I get paid tomorrow.

I had to go to the doctors this arvo which was a real bummer because one of the temp agencies rang with a few days work and, by the time I got the message and phoned back, the job was gone. Dammit. That money would have been real handy. Oh well I have another job possibility so fingers crossed.

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