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Yikes, I need to get a job and soon. I am fast running out of money and rent day is approaching. Boy am I regretting all those drunken nights of a few weeks ago. I was supposed to have my dole interview yesterday, got out of bed feeling so woozy I could hardly make it to the kitchen let alone drive to their office. I called them and I couldn't get another appointment until the 15th. That isn't good. Hopefully I will be able to get some temp work in the next week or so to ease the financial pressure because I am not so keen about going on the dole anyway.

I actually succumbed to the temptation of day time television the other day. Normally I don't turn on the tv during the day because it is a fast track to arse farming. But there is this show, called Doc or something like that, starring Billy Ray Cryus - remember him, of Achy, Breaky Heart and mullet fame. He still has the mullet and he plays a big hearted doctor from Montana trying to make it in New York. It is champagne television for sure.

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