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For those not familiar with the employment system, us poor people are required to keep this thing known as a 'job diary'. I have just been updating mine and it really doesn't do much for your self-esteem. Pages and pages of jobs applied for and most of them don't even answer. Maybe I am doing something very wrong.

I have been having problems with electrical things today. Firstly my blood sugar monitor wouldn't work. I had using the stupid thing anyway. Having to prick my own finger goes against every girlie wussy instinct I have. So this morning I kept getting errors. I would bleed one finger dry and then move on to the next one. I ended up with blood everywhere and was getting very annoyed and frustrated. Finally I got out the book and looked up what error 7 meant. It seems you can't use the little monitor next to the microwave. I have been doing so for about 10 months with no problems but this morning it didn't like it one bit (maybe because the microwave was going). Must remember that.

I want to monitor my blood sugar carefully at the moment because I have a feeling my diabetes is under better control, thanks to weight loss. I want to prove this so I can go to my doctor and work out a strategy for getting off medication. This, I feel, is a more sensible approach than my usual 'I feel ok so I won't take my tablets' approach. I would be so happy to never have to take those tablets again. Must keep up the walking.

The other electrical problem was with my electricity, funnily enough. The power went out. I thought it had been cut off due to my total ignoring of bills since I stopped working. I ran them to promise to pay and beg for electricity. I need that stuff so much. First I had to find my old phone because you can't use cordless phones without power. I rang, racking my brain for money obtaining schemes, and found out the whole area was without power. This did have the bonus of kicking my arse into making payment arrangements instead of burying my head in the sand so is probably a blessing in disguise.

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