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I am up early again. How come this habit of early to bed, early to rise never entered my head the whole time I was working? I have to call my temp agency but don't want to call too early and look desperate.

I had a lovely, relaxing day yesterday. What did I do? Bummed around on the computer all morning, then got bored. Andrew was watching the footy, yuk. Since his tv blew up we are spending so much quality time together...if you can call arguing over tv vs. music quality time. He seems to think that wanting to watch the television automatically takes precedence over listening to music. I don't. Anyway he won out and I decided to leave the house to escape from it all.

First stop was Altona Gate shopping centre. Earlier in the week I went to Footscray KMart and got a ribbed, turtle-neck jumper in black for $11.00 - thanks to their 25% off all clothing sale. That was all well and good but, I decided in that part of my day prior to this when I was throwing out all my clothes I no longer wear, I really need one in beige. I am not such a fan of beige but I thought I would go well with my suit. Too much black can look a little goth, even in Melbourne. Of course an easier option would be to buy an iron so I could get a second wear out of some of my shirts, but I digree.

I got to Altona Gate, headed to the House Of K, and no beige jumpers. Damnation. I hate that. I also wanted a skirt but their skirts only came in two types - demin or ugly (three if you could demin and ugly). I did try on some clothes, clothes I didn't want. Since I have lost weight I no longer know what size I take so I keep trying on random clothes so I can get some idea. Of course, since sizing is so non-standardised, I still have no idea so it doesn't really help.

The next stop after that was Borders in Carlton. Oh, how I love Borders. Say what you like about big American corporations, it's a cheap afternoon's entertainment. I grabbed a few books... I like to get three from different sections and settled down in the cafe. They do make a nice chai tea at the Carlton Borders, my new favourite drink. They also do a mighty fine fruit toast, big and chunky and full of dried apricots. I love being able to just sit and read although the need for a cigarette usually drives me out.

After that I visited friends and got feed lots of leftovers from their yummy roast lunch. Cauliflower with four cheeses... what a masterpiece... four cheeses bets one any day.

We watched Big Brother. Woohoo, Jo has gone. Our voting paid off, well not really since she got so many votes ours were just a drop in the ocean.

Then it was home to bed. I decided to reread the Harry Potter books so I would be ready when the new one hits the shops on Saturday. I started on the first one but gave up having read it a few times and since the movie twice. I just couldn't be bothered with it again. So I skipped to the fourth, but have read that a bit too much also. I think I can cope with reading the new one without revising.

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