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I discovered a very good lunch today. You get whatever vegies you have in the fridge (butternut pumpkin and celery in my case), grate them or chop finely then soak some rice paper wrappers and roll the vegies up in them. Serve with satay or hoisin sauce (or whatever sauce your heart fancies).

How easy is that? And cheap and healthy too. I have made rice paper rolls before but always thought I had to do fancypants stuff like put in noodles and flavourings but no, the sauce is adequate.

I had the best fun yesterday, considering I am the bookiest of worms. I had heaps of books that I didn't really care for, books I bought for book groups I have been part of or books that were recommended to me and I didn't really like that much. When I was working I spent lots of money on books. So I sorted them all out and made a pile of the unloved ones, the ones I would never read again. I headed off to the secondhand book shop (Bookhouse in Fitzroy St, St Kilda) and sold them but took store credit instead of the cash, thus getting more dollars and avoiding the temptation to spend the money on bills. I spent the afternoon browsing and got three new books and still have credit left over for next time.

The books I got were:

1. South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami. I have wanted this book for so long and love Murakami's writing so much. I think he is my favourite author of the moment.

2. Sexus by Henry Miller. I had not read anything by Henry Miller until recently. I had a copy of Tropic of Cancer but it sat on my shelf for ages, which is very unusual because if I buy a book I read it straight away. Anyway I loved it and wanted to read more.

3. Photocopies by John Berger. I know nothing about this book or its author but it sounded interesting, moments in time captured like photocopies.

After that I had a chai and some yummy food at the Galleon Cafe and read my books (well one of them). That was a particularly lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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