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I have a job interview today. I am not sure about this job. It is a permanent position and I feel a bit shonky going for a permanent job when it isn't sometime I want to do permanently but, on the other hand, baby needs shoes (quite literally).

I have been thinking that maybe I need to make continguency plans in case this period of unemployment goes on longer than I expected (which it already has). I have been putting off things with the expectation that I will be working soon but I think I have to bite the bullet and try to make the best of what I've got at the moment so I can survive. There are a few things I need to do, chasing up people for money owed to me and that type of thing, that will help reduce that ever growing pile of bills.

Something else I have been thinking about is brushing up on my tarot skills so I can start doing readings. I need to get in some more practice then maybe check out some of the local markets and things. Speaking of which, my mum had a reading done yesterday (not by me, but someone in Tasmania). I told her to ask about my employment situation. Most of the cards coming up related to pregnancy. God damn. The reader said this could mean that things were confused because she was reading for a third person or they could mean a pregnancy (in the next few weeks at that). Oh yay. Personally I don't think that is going to be physically possible unless my life takes a drastic turn in the next few weeks but it still has me very scared.

At least I have been doing some really positive things. I have started writing for two hours a day. Once I get started, even if I don't achieve much, at least the brain is ticking over and things start brewing away in my brain, bubbling and belching along.

The other good thing is that I have been walking. I did two and a third laps yesterday -- the track at the park I walk in has a creek down the middle so it keeps you honest. You either have to do the full lap or a third of a lap or two thirds and once you get past that one third point you have to keep going for the full lap or wade through the creek. It is also very hilly which helps but is a complete bitch when you are exactly doing it.

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