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I spent most of the weekend helping out a friend who had a stall at the Good Food and Wine Show. It was lots of fun but very exhausting. To start with I was just hovering around in the background but after an hour or so I was out there giving people samples, going through the whole spiel. In between times I was running around sampling and tasting. Tried some very excellent wines, one in particular from a winery in Rockbank.

Afterwards we went for a few cocktails. I do love a margarita, especially a margarita at the Gin Palace.

Other than that, still not working. Still no money (although lots of freebies in the food department).

The wiring in this house is definitely not right. I had a friend put in lightbulbs to replace the blown ones (the ceilings are too high for me to do this myself) and five minutes later one of the lights blew again. That is not a good sign.

Anyway I need sleep. At least sleep is free.

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