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I went to meetup last night. It's the first time I have been in ages and was heaps of fun.

Things to do today:

* go to the dole office and re-prove my identity so they don't cut my money off
* go to job interview at 3.00

That's it. It seems like a lot though. I would much rather stay at home. I think I am getting a cold and that isn't good.

I am so bad at time management when it comes to job interviews. I just have so much trouble getting my shit together. I have to remember some things for next time, like:

* check the train timetable well in advance.
* don't let the dog sleep on potential job interview clothes.
* put a towel or something on the floor before putting on stockings... just because I can't see the dog hair doesn't mean it isn't there.
* make up and hair can be done on the train, getting dressed can't.

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