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Job Hunting: Four job interviews, zero job offers. It is a very sad outcome. I actually haven't heard back about two of the jobs but I figure they would have let me know if I was successful. I think I need to brush up my interview skills. I also have the problem of deciding half way though the interview that maybe I'm not that interested in the position.

I have these crisis of faith moments in my ability to the work especially in the interview today. It was a very business-critical position and required some technical skills but the emphasis was on good people skills. I have good technical skills and good people skills but not good business people skills, if that makes sense. I had dealing with people issues in the work place and am much happier not having to chase up people to do work, that kind of thing. I don't think I'm very proactive.

On the train home from the interview, one of my temp agencies rang to tell me about a position next week. Of course my phone cut out between Flagstaff and North Melbourne and I can't remember the girl's name. I called the agency back and they said they would find out who it was. I hope she calls back and hasn't given the job to someone else.

Clothes: I spent some time in the city window shopping. Is it me or are there no decent clothes in the shops? I want a skirt. A nice skirt. All I can find are work skirts or demin skirts or hippy patchwork skirts. I ended up in a fabric shop looking at patterns to make my own then decided, hey all I want is a plain, straight skirt. I don't even need a pattern. I can make it up out of my head. We'll see how that goes.

Internet Dating: All was quiet on the internet dating front for a while. I had a few coffees with guys a few weeks ago and then nothing. A couple of dates I had made fell through (funny how that seems to happen a lot). Now I have got one date planned for the weekend, although I am waiting for him to call back with the details.

I have been emailing this guy back and forth for a few weeks, was going to meet up last weekend and it didn't happen then he invited me for dinner (at the place he is housesitting). I thought about it, we had been getting on very well, but decided I really wasn't comfortable with that. So we are meeting up for drinks hopefully. I am more attached to this one than any of the others. He seems very nice. That makes meeting up even harder, all the nerves about will he like me, will he be as I imagine (they never are, of course). I hope we get to meet anyway.

It is a strange situation meeting up with someone for the first time when you know so much about them. Similar in a way to the first time I went to the Blogger's meetup (without the sexual tension). It's easy to say things online that you would need to build up weeks, even months, of trust in a relationship to say face to face. Then suddenly you meet this person, or group of people, and you feel kind of naked emotionally. I find it a real effort not to overcompensate by withdrawing right into myself and covering myself back up.

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