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Still don't have a job. I am starting to panic. I am scared to be away from the phone just in case. A girl from one of my agencies called today... to tell me they had no work. Nice one. Just raise up my hopes and dreams, then shatter them like a cheap beer glass onto the concrete floor of a tarpulin-cover shed just minutes after midnight at someone's twenty-first birthday, while the drunken uncle is heckling the speeches and your cousin Sharon is throwing up in the bushes out back and crying that she thought 'he really did love me, he told me so at the footy sheds last week' and the beer is starting to pour warm and flat out of the barrel and the kiwi fruit on the leftover pav is wilting. Yeah shatter them just like that.

I went for a walk today, decided to heave my lazy arse out of the house. I hate the thought of walking but realised the other day that one of the advantages of unemployment is that you don't have to just trek a boring path around the same old neighbourhood. No, the whole city is at my feet, literally. For the cost of a few litres of petrol or a concession tram ticket I can use anywhere in the city as my walking path. So today I headed off to the same old park where I used to walk. It does have the advantage of being both close and an offleash park for dogs so I could exercise Geronimo at the same time. I used to walk there daily in the Summer. It is much nicer now. If you know how dry this Summer was, now imagine a doggie park where you easily have 100+ dogs running around, each dog naturally pees at least once during a visit. Now imagine weeks without rain. Ok, you have probably stopped imagining now. Yes that park reeked. It was like walking in a doggie toilet. Phew. It was much nicer today.

Over the summer I got up to 4 laps. I was dead after one today. I kept going though and managed two. Go me.

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