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This is my new dilemma: I want my hair cut and I know exactly the style I want. I want my hair cut like the girl on the herpes commercial. The dilemma, of course, is that I don't want to walk into the hairdressers and say I want my hair like the girl on the herpes commercial because, you know, it's herpes.

I applied for a job today, got an interview tomorrow. Fine and dandy except they want this thing called a "skill summary" before the interview. Oh my god. This damn skill summary is like a summary of every major, relevant programming project I have done in my career with details of my involvement in the project. I can deal with the last 12 months (well I rang a workmate and she gave me some reminders) but anything after that is lost in the mists of time. Hell's bells, I drink too much to remember back that far. Sure I can tell you every office scandal and exciting tidbit of news I heard in every job I had but projects, work... it's just gone.

I think I have managed to eek out a reasonable thingo for my last job now... I seem to recall working on a project for the NZ office and it was big and everyone loved me because I did such a splendiforous job (a truly memorable event) but I am buggered if I have any idea what it was. I might ring my old boss and ask him what I did there for three years.

The truly scary thing is that I remember nothing of the job before that. Well the one before the one before that. The last serious programming job before that, I mean. I was there three years (I think, I am not real sure but it says three years on my resume ... not that I would class my resume as the world's most factual document) and I can only remember one actual project.

This is pure torture. I am never going to complain about writing a wussy little resume again.

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