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Unemployment is bad in so many ways. The last few weeks I have been filling my time by frequenting an online dating site. It is one of those things you start doing and suddenly you are hooked into it and find it is sucking up huge amounts of your time.

Three good things about hanging around internet dating sites while unemployed:

1. You get to chat to people so you don't lose all your social skills.
2. You get to go out for coffees.
3. It stops you spending obsessive amounts of time on job search sites.

So far I have been out for coffee with three guys. The first two were very nice but not my type. We had a nice chat and that was it. The third one, well think Neighbours, think Harold Bishop. Yep. Not good.

Three things I could have been doing instead of hanging around internet dating sites:

1. Writing my novel, the one that I thought would be accelerated by quitting my job.
2. Painting my desk, the project that was supposed to be completed last Easter.
3. Getting a job, hmm yeah.

Oh yeah, doing some housework would be a good idea too.

More details on the seedy world of internet dating next time.

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