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Well, as you can see, I have got my site back up on Blogspot. This will do until I start working again and can pay my hosting bill. Actually I can't even pay my hosting bill because all the details are on the old, blown up computer and I can't remember one single detail. I swear to god the wiring in this house is shot to shit because Andrew's tv had smoke coming out of it the other night. That is two computers and a tv in about a month which is an excessive amount of electrical equipment to fuck up in anyone's book.

I am still unemployed. Little did I think I would not be working six whole weeks after quitting my job. I thought I would walk straight into some temp job (that's what happened last time) instead of living on poverty street. Do you know the dole is almost the exact amount that my rent is? That means that food, bills, booze and fabulous shoes have to come from somewhere else. Luckily I found out that St Vinnies have a clearance centre in Brooklyn. I might be paying them a visit.

What doubly sucks is that if I was sharing my home with a complete stranger (who was unemployed) then we would both be getting full dole payments but because it is my son then he gets the much reduced youth allowances. Therefore there is an assumption by the governement that I will be contributing in some way to supporting him. Fair enough. Except that I get no more dole money than Johnny Dole-Bulger with no kids. That means that I am worse off financial than your average Centrelink client. To me that is wrong.

And it isn't like Andrew costs less to support because he is my son. No siree-bob. If anything he costs more. Have you tried feeding a sixteen year? They eat a lot.

The system sucks. I need a job and soon. The bills are piling up and I will be living in my car real soon.

Other than that, life is great. A whole bowl of cherries.

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