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Well, I've got yet another interview today. That is four this week. You would think being unemployed would mean increased leisure time but, between interviews and resume rejigs and looking for work, I think it is more time consuming than actually working.

Today's job is the one I want. It pays the most. It pays more than any job I've had before which is saying something. When I was a young, innocent, naive little country girl growing up in the backwaters of Tasmania, somewhere between high school and uni, I worked for the better part of a year on the factory floor at McCains.

I was working shift work and weekends and most 7 day weeks so I was bringing home a shitload of money. On top of that, I was living at home, didn't have a HECS debt and (since this was quite a while ago) you could buy more with your dollar. I was working so hard and such long hours at one stage I would chuck my pay envelope on the dressing table and not even open it for days.

Ever since then, my ambition has been to once again earn money faster than I spend it. This is a very lofty ambition because I can spend money fast. It also takes a lot more money now because of the said HECS debt plus having to support myself and a very expensive sixteen-year-old. Maybe one day, when Andrew leaves home, it will happen again.

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