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What am I doing up at the ridiculous time of 7.00 am on a Sunday, you may well be asking yourself...well maybe you would if I had a time stamp on this entry. I curled up for an itsy-bitsy nap yesterday afternoon because it was so awful and drizzly and have only just woken up. No matter, Saturday is just another day when you are unemployed. Maybe I'll get dressed soon and take my dog for a walk, but most likely I will just go back to bed.

No news on the job front. I can this close to get some temp work this week but missed out, damn it. Little did I think that I would still be unemployed this long after quitting my job. I have feeling though something is going to turn up real soon.

The call of the Myer stocktaking sale is ringing in my ears real loud at the moment. "Buy shoes," it calls and I am tempted by its siren song. "Shoes," I think. "I need shoes." This isn't some vain, girlie shoe buying lust either. I realised after I quit my job that I have no suitable job interview shoes. I have one relatively decent pair of shoes but they are slingbacks and they start to hurt after about an hour. The shoes I wore most often to work are a bit on the rundown side. I had an interview the other day and met up with a friend for lunch in the city beforehand. He told me the outfit was corporate but my shoes looked baglady. Not the best impression to make. I think I will go buy some shoes this week. Sturdy, sensible, job interview shoes... goddamn it. A pair of lace up boots might be good too.

I started the kickstart diet, as promoted by pixelkitty yesterday. By around 4.00 pm I felt this huge craving for bread. I was driving home from a friend's place and having a massive inner struggle over whether I should stop at my favourite Vietnamese bakery (To Bakery in Barkley St, Footscray) for one of their kickarse salad rolls when it suddenly dawned on me that no one should feel guilty about wanting a salad roll, for fuck sake. There was even a parking spot nearby, which is a minor miracle. So I got myself a scrumptious cheese and salad roll and god it was good. I even resisted the splendifious multistriped jelly creations (I have never tried these but my wordy they are a treat for the eyes) and the danishes and the pastries and just got my salad roll, plus some donuts for Andrew (I hate donuts so they are a good treat to get him so that I am not tempted to pick). Damn it was good too. I have decided the new diet regime is going to be sensible eating. No fad diets and no more Tim Tams while watching Big Brother. Except for that free packet we won.

And, talking of Big Brother, I cannot believe how much I am into that show at the moment. The first two seasons I didn't watch it all, I scoffed at those who watched and pitied aloud their sad, meaningless existences that a stupid reality tv show could fill their lives. This season I am hooked. I can't get enough. I watch it every night. I watch BB Uncut. I watch the goddamn Insider with it's Z grade celebs passing commentary. Oh how I have fallen. I even rang up and voted this week. I tell you, if that skanky little ho, Joanne, isn't out this week then there is no justice in this world. She makes me so angry. And that slime ball , Vincent. How would you feel if you were his girlfriend? I would be ready to punch him out the minute he leaves the house.

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