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Another date with Mr Movie Man cancelled. This time he had to fly to Sydney for a business emergency. What is that odor? I'm getting a strong scent of rat here. I figure that one of the following is happening:

a. He is playing silly games to amuse himself during the work day but has never been serious. Shit, hope he hasn't been sharing my emails around with the guys.

b. The photos he sent me are of someone else and now he is scared to met up (he did tell me that he is worried I will be disappointed when I meet him but didn't expand on why).

c. He had another look at my photo and wants to back out.
d. A series of unfortunate accidents, outside of his control, have been keeping us from meeting.

Added to all of the above is a side order of potential marriage.

I think I will set up one more meeting and, if he doesn't show, cut my losses. I am wondering now if I should confront with my suspicions, ask him what is happening and see if he comes clean, tell him to front up or else or if I should wait for him to contact me again.

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