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I am so frigging sick of being poor. So frigging sick of it. I thought I had $50 in the bank today and, when I went to withdraw it, it was gone. The bank had taken it out then charged me $70 for the privilege of overdrawing my account. The bastards.

This is like the final straw. I just hate the struggle of trying to juggle far too many bills and not enough money. I am sick of not knowing where the next dollar is coming from.

So, today, I told my agency that I was interested in applying for the full time job they had told me about. I am not that keen on it but I figure that it will at least give me a regular income. Hopefully I will get it -- by the sounds of it I have a pretty good chance -- and can get some of the bills paid off, get the cupboards restocked and move to a new flat.

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