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I did something very stupid on Saturday night. I was chatting to a guy online and he talked me into meeting him. He wanted me to go to his house because 'his car wasn't working'. No, I wasn't that stupid. Eventually he said he would meet me at the 7 eleven nearby. I'd had a few drinks and it seemed like a good idea at the time. So I headed off and met him.

I pulled, lit a cigarette and he walked over to the car. I was out of there before I had finished smoking the cigarette. He was gruesome and VERY SCARY. I don't think I have driven so fast in my entire life.

The guy I met last weekend isn't speaking to me any more because he doesn't want to get too serious. Yeah, I can't believe it either. The thing is, I thought he would either not get in touch again or else want to organise to met again. But no, he started sending me messages, wanting to continue our conversation and asking me about things in my life but doesn't want to meet up again. I sent him a message saying, in much nicer terms, either shit or get off the can. I thought that would do it but, no, he sends a message back still chatty but explaining the aforementioned not wanting to get too involved. Then continues the ongoing dialogue. Men!

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