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I feel like people are disappointing me at the moment. I was supposed to met another Internet date on Sunday. We had organised to go to the movies, had talked about it a few times during the week then worked out a specific film and time on Friday night. He was going to call me after he left work on Friday night. He didn't call. I sent him a message on Sunday morning to see if we were still meeting up and he sent one back that he had to go into work. I was left wondering if he would have bothered tell me that if I hadn't sent him the message.

I think he is married.

Of course there are other people who have just messed me around. It seems like everyone in my life is disappointing me in some way or other. Then I wonder if it is just me. It probably is. I am getting shitty about stupid things. Like my friends were all drinking beer at my dinner party even though they KNOW that I don't have a recycling bin (due to the serial bin stealer living next door). I was in a black mood yesterday, feeling they had done it on purpose.

Maybe it's hormonal.

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