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I heard from the guy I was supposed to go to the movies with yesterday (see previous post). He sent me a message an apology and his reason for not being able to make it.

"But didn't you have to work?" asked a very surprised I.

"No, why did you think that?" he replied.

"Well der. Because you told me that in your sms message yesterday," I said with indignation.

"That's odd," says he. "Maybe it was the drugs." (His valid excuse involved an accident and a visit to hospital not excessive recreational drug use or anything like that).

At this point I am wondering what sort of psychotic fool I was mixed up with. The words 'multiple personality disorder' started floating into my mind.

We chatted for a while and I had a thought. Checked my phone and yes, I sent the message to the wrong guy yesterday. Now there is a guy out there who thinks I am a psycho flake.

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