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Is it just me and the people around me or have other people noticed this has been a year of big decisions? It seems every time I talk to friends something major has been going on in the lives of people we know... long term relationships break up, quitting of jobs and other life altering events.

On a more personal level, I seem to find that regardless of life altering decisions and other changes, my life seems to be the same old thing. Maybe the setting changes, but the core never does. I just repeat stupid patterns and remain unsatisfied.

Friday night I lost my wallet again (that seems to be one of the stupid patterns I repeat). I distinctly remember having it to pay the cab driver so I either a) dropped it in the street outside or b) sat it somewhere really stupid around the house. A word of advice... do not ever think that buying a Cowgirl Shooter Everyday Party Pack and consuming the contents before leaving the house is a good or clever idea.

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