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Three days of working are enough to see me truly buggered (in the figurative sense only). This hasn't been helped by having to go out and be a whirling social butterfly every night after work either. I am looking forward to collapsing into bed and staying there for a good 12 hours or more. Sleep - I love you, I miss you.

It seems that old saying about it never raining but it pouring is incredibly true. I have been so very, very poor lately. Wednesday night I rang to check my account balance to see if I had a few bucks so I could eftpos a packet of cigarettes to last me until Friday and, woohoo, I had an inexplicable $400 in my account. I rang again to make sure that it was a positive amount and I hadn't missed them saying that bit at the end about it being -$400.

By the way, I don't get that debit and credit shit. I might have done an Accounting minor at uni but when I get my account balance I still don't understand that shit. To make it even worse, they tell you after the amount so you get your account balance then they say debit (or credit or whatever) after it. Why don't they just say 'your account balance is $50... I mean negative $50, sucked in bitch, thought you had some money there for a minute, didn't you? Well suffer in your jockeys because you are poor, poor I tells ya, poor (manically laugh)' because that is basically what they mean.

Anyway the money was backpayment of family allowance which I got for reasons too complicated to explain but revolving around me being to frigging slackarsed to return a form earlier in the year and being lucky enough to enquire about it before the end of the finanical year... on the 30th of June, no less. Who would have thought that Centrelink could process so fast?

On top of my new found wealth, I have money due to me from various sources today, Monday, Tuesday and then Wednesday is payday. That is so damn good. I can start chipping away at bills. I can keep all those promises I made about paying people. I can buy shoes.

Just another aside, it is not a good idea to put your mobile number on your voicemail. When the bill people call they get your mobile number and ring you when you are in the middle of important stuff like reading books in Borders so you promise them anything to get them off the phone.

So, the new job is good, challenging and rewarding. I have been getting many kudos. I had dinner and drinks with my old work people last night (who gave me a total of zilch kudos in three years). Nothing has reinforced my decision to quit so strongly. There is a particular person I used to work with, and I had not realised the extent of her bitchiness. She is a cow and I never want to work with her again. I think I repressed a lot of her snide comments because I had to maintain a reasonable working relationship with her at the time. Now I don't and for that I am so very glad.

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