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I had another internet date tonight. It was... well interesting. The guy, who I don't have a nickname for yet, wasn't what I was expecting but in a good way. He came across online as a nice guy but a little pompous. In real life he wasn't at all pompous but nice. We were only meeting for a quick coffee and ended up having a couple of coffees and chatting for a few hours.

It was all very matey chat, not at all flirty. I don't think I can do flirty. I used to be able to once but now I just start chatting and forget to be flirty. I think years of working in a male dominated industry have eked the flirtiness out of me.

So he walked me back to my car and we kinda stood there. I was thinking Is he going to kiss me goodnight? Does he want to? Do I want him to? Maybe he is shy and doesn't want to make the first move? He waited, awkwardly and I waited, awkwardly. I didn't want to look like I wanted him to kiss me if he, indeed, didn't want to but also didn't want to look like I didn't want to kiss him if he was thinking about it.

Then I said I had to go and got in my car and drove off.

I got home and he was online. We chatted. Well for about 5 minutes we exchanged emoticons. Then chatted a little. I wanted to bring up what had happened, or not happened as the case was, but wasn't sure how to start the conversation. So we talked about the weather and bathrooms and everything but the one thing on our minds.

Just before he went offline, he told me he had felt really awkward but he liked me a lot. And I told him I felt the same. I am so glad he came out and said that. It is so good to meet someone who can be open about their feelings like that.

I feel like I am a goofy 16 year old again.

Regarding the Mr S saga below, yesterday I pinpointed what has been worrying me. It isn't that he has been cancelling our meetings. He has been vague about meeting and then, when we make definite plans, I will sms him to confirm things (note I have to sms him, he doesn't sms me) and he tells me the excuse. This, and several other things he has done (that would make for long and complex stories), seem very inconsiderate to me. If someone treats you bad before you meet them then it isn't going to get any better when you do meet them.

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