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I was reminded, while reading Meredith's site that the Melbourne Writer's Festival is on soon. I checked out the program and was so thrilled to find out Annie Proulx is one of the guests. She has to be in my list of top ten writers. Hopefully I will be able to go. It is hard to arrange things around my schedule at the moment, not knowing if or when I will be working.

When I left work on Friday they told me that they had more work for me to do but to not come in Monday as they had to organise my next task. They said they would ring my temp agency and let me know further. Well at 4.30 I realised that I hadn't heard from anyone. I rang the agency and the woman I needed to speak to had left for the day. I explained my situation to the receptionist and she said she would try to find out what was going on. I never heard back.

So, sleep in day again tomorrow.

Meanwhile I spent my afternoon at an interview. This is a longer term temp job, which means I'll be more stable. And it is only 2 days a week which means I'll have more time to do things like write (ha ha ha). That also means that I will be only $100 a fortnight better off than I would be on the dole. Not a huge financial gain, and centrelink will still own my soul. I guess the thing to do is to get another job for 1-2 days a week and then, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, they can kiss my curvy butt goooood-bye!

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