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I will always be a dog person but there is one area where your cat person shits all over us dog people, one area that I truly envy them for. See, when you get tossed aside like last week's garbage for the finally time, when you get knocked to the floor and crushed like a disgarded cigarette butt and decided this time not to get back up again, that is the point where the cat person truimphs.

Think about it. Your dog person type spinster is all no nonsense sensible shoes and tweed skirts while your cat spinster, sure the kiddies might run and hide from the old witch (which, in itself is an idea with charm), but she has the freedom that is only granted to genuninely perculiar. She can wear clothes of garish hues and cackle in public. She can spit and rant and holler. The cat spinster reigns supreme.

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