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Last November I wrote the first draft of a novel for nanowrimo. Since November I have been attempting to turn that shitty first draft into something closer to readable. Well, at times attempting, other times just whinging about how I should be doing it but not really getting anywhere.

Now November is fast getting here and I want to attempt another Nanowrimo novel but I want to get this one finished first. I don't know if this is an impossible task since it has taken me 9 months to get the first 50 pages of second draft done.

I guess I can only try. Things that might help productivitiy include:

1. Writing instead of watching bad television
2. Writing instead of sitting in Borders reading books about writing
3. Writing instead of chatting to my sister on msn for hours
4. Writing instead of chatting up guys on the internet, although this might dry up the material available for the second novel.

To sum up, write don't procrastinate.

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