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My friend, Tim, works as a florist and makes deliveries around the city. A long time ago he told me about a building that still has a lift attendant. He was in raptures about her lift lined with snapshots and other momentos.

I had forgotten about this until today. Finishing up at my temp job with the afternoon free I decided to pop into the writer's centre to renew my membership. The writer's centre is in one of those fabulous old buildings that you don't really notice because, at street level, they are just the usual garish Swanston Street shops. Once inside you notice all the amazing details, the art deco stained glass windows especially.

I got into the lift and realised that this was the lift Tim had told me about, the inside a patchwork of the attendant's life. How lovely. When you spend your working life in a tiny space it must brighten your day.


After my rant about bras the other day I found out an interesting fact (I am so strongly resisting the urge to call it a titbit because I am far to classy for that).

I went to a speciality lingerie store to find something clevage enhancing and attractive. The woman who ran the store told me that often woman who are above average size have a problem because the measurement from boob edge to boob edge (across the chest) is several sizes smaller than the measurement across the back.

Bra manufacturers don't allow for this and often will increase the proportions of the bra for each size. That means that for say a size 18c bra, the width of the cups is bigger than a size 12c even though the cup size is the same.

The solution is to buy the bra that fits your boobs then get a bra extender to resize the back of the bra.

This theory works wonders, hence the purchase of the carnivale bra which made frequent showings last Friday night.


Jason is asking readers to give a small donation toward his trip to Germany. He is a fantastic writer who seems to be going through a bad patch at the moment so donate if you can.

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