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Ok, I have given my online friend, now known as Mr Snufflupagus, one more chance. I have sent him an sms message suggesting another meet up and see how that goes. I am not going to sit here watching my phone to see if it rings. I am not going to check for new messages every 2 minutes in case I have missed the ding-ding. I am not going to obsess crazily over a guy I have never met.

For the past month or so I have had a $50 Myer voucher and have not been able to find anything to spend it on. At lunch time today I popped into Myer at Southland. Southland is less than 5 minutes drive from work, which seems good until you realise that it takes about 20 minutes to find a parking spot. They now have seniors parking. They have every kind of specialised parking except "I am on my lunchbreak and only have 30 minutes to frigging shop" parking.

Anyway I decided I needed a new foundation. I have milked the last drop out of my Ella Bache. I wanted a pancake style foundation this time for ease of use. Half the makeup women weren't even at their little counters. I ended up at Lancome. Ms Lancome was the kind of woman who could use the word 'naturale' in a sentence, in all seriousness. She decided to do the full face. I am thinking ok, half hour lunch is out of the question now. She did the cleansing, the moisturising, the base, the blush, the eyes, the lips.

I wasn't overwhelmed with the result. It looked good, not brilliant. I guess she could only work with the canvas she was given. The foundation was $70. I told her I would think about it. It is much lighter than the one I'm used to. Ella Bache is like zinc cream so everything is lighter than that. Lighter could be better though. I am beginning to look a little bit "whatever happened to Baby Kathryn".

I do like the Lancome lip tints... kind of between a lip gloss and a lipstick. The whole concept of having lip colour without commitment is looking very fine after using that Max Factor 12 hour lipstick. The lipstick that commits for longer than most men. I wake up with the colour still on and have to reapply more over the top because it is too hard to remove. Without heavy duty make up remover I have only found one thing that brings it off.

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