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So much for being more constructive... I spent all day trying to get my bigpond account working. Damn them. I owned them money and rang last week to make a payment arrangement. The guy said yeah, fine, just pay by the 4th September.

Today they cut off my account because I hadn't paid. I rang and got told tough titties, pay up or you can't get your account back on. Thing was I needed to move one from one account to another using netbanking. I had to stuff around, using my dial up account.

I had to get dressed and leave the house to pay the account. Damn bigpond, no bpay or other sophisticated, twenty-first century bill paying methods. I tried to explain to the guy on the phone that I wished to pay my bill without leaving the house but he told me I could only do it with a credit card. Just as aside here, every single time I ring bigpond they are having problems with their phone system. That worries me quite a bit.

When I got home from paying the bill and not finding any decent trousers at Altona Gate and having to deal with an evil squealing child called Dylan that kept being everywhere I was with a tupperwear-shattering voice... did I mention I woke up with a killer headache, I rang and got my account reactivated. Was told it would be an hour, max, until I could use my account.

I went in to use it and it seems that I had stuffed up the settings when using dial up. I rang the bigpond tech support ppl, wishing and hoping and praying that I would get the one person who works there that knows jack-shit about macs. Ha ha ha. I am such a dreamer.

The poor girl, she tried hard to help me. She kept putting me on hold while she went to find out stuff. Did I mention that as well as a headache, I had a painful neck and shoulders making it extemely hard to hold a phone on my neck while on hold. She finally got it sorted. Too late for me to do anything at all constructive though.

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